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Taking It Personally

I tend to take things personally. Sometimes that is a very bad thing. I have found that there are a lot of things in this life I should NOT take personally.

But the Gospel is not one of those things. Jesus died for me personally. Amazing and sweet!!

The Gospel has the power to save us from condemnation, free us from the bondage of sin, give us a home in heaven and so much more! Jesus did that for each of us personally.

Another thing we should take personally? Sharing the sweet news of the Gospel! This is my personal responsibility and the personal responsibility of every child of God.

How about you my friend? Have you taken it personally?

One of the songs I love to play during Eleven2One on Faith Music Radio is He's a Personal Savior sung by the Sounds of Faith. (Words to the chorus below)

He's a personal Savior (He's a personal Savior) He's mine I know (yes, He's mine I know) I love Him so He did my heart (yes, He did my heart) A personal favor (a personal favor) That's why I tell it now wherever I may go ~Abernathy Lee Roy

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