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"I Can Still Run the Races!"

Just before Dan turned 7 he lost his right arm in an accident. He began wearing a hook when he was just 7 years old. Growing up Dan loved sports and competing. His parents encouraged him, and helped him learn to play and compete with one arm. He still loves to compete today!

When he was about 15 he broke his left hand while at summer camp. Yep! The boy with one arm broke his hand! His mom, of course, wanted to come get him and bring him home to heal. I mean, what could he do with no arm and a broken hand. His reply to her suggestion to come home was "No Mom. They have races. I can still run the races!!"

And he is still racing (pictured) and still running his race for Christ today.

God has used Dan to inspire me to "go on" in so many ways for many years. You may not get to swim, but you can still run the races. You may not get to play baseball, basketball, or volleyball, but you can still run the races. What is your "I can still do this" today? Or have you completely thrown in the towel because life has not given you a fair shake.

Life is not fair, but you can be! Of course we know we should be fair to others, but you can also be fair to yourself. Give yourself a fair chance to keep on keeping on whatever life throws at you. Look around. What can you still do for God today? If you are alive and breathing, I promise God still has something for you.

I love the song, I Will Go On, Dan recorded years ago. Hope it will encourage you today to keep on keeping on! Just click the link below!

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