Vicky Mutchler

Mrs. Vicky has a daily ministry on Facebook called "Words of Encouragement" to talk to ladies across the country, giving advice, prayer and encouragement everyday. Her husband, Pastor Mike Mutchler, would sum things up this way, "We are just 1 flawed couple doing the best we know to do while serving a perfect Saviour. We are sinners saved by grace trying to do our best to help others."

Together, they have been doing just that, helping others, for over 40 years. Mike & Vicky have worked year after year to serve people and the Savior. Mrs. Vicky taught children’s church every service for 15 years and home schooled for 6 years.  She taught at Grandview Christian Academy for 27 years.

She hosted and fed almost 75 people a week that came to her home for Thursday night soul-winning, Friday night teen soul-winning and Saturday morning bus route meetings.  Today, they still open their home to host and feed three or four couples each Sunday after church, the deacons once a month and ladies' Bible study each week. Mrs. Vicky continues to teach the Sunday night children's service and disciples many ladies in the church. Mike and Vicky are and have been given to ministry and people.

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