Dear Friend,


It’s election season, perhaps you’ve noticed from watching television or scrolling social media.

I’m a political junkie. I vote in every election. I follow national, state and local politics. So much so that many of my friends have asked me to run for office or are surprised I haven’t. 

I’ve sat in bible studies in Vice-president Pence’s office, prayed with Governor Holcomb in his office and shared my burden for Evansville in Mayor Winnecke's office. Yet, I don’t think politicians are the answer to the ills of our society. 


I’ve been in full-time Christian work now for over 35 years because I feel Christ is the Answer. (By the way, that was the name of my father’s national radio show 50 years ago.) So I’ve dedicated my life to casting out the net of the gospel as widely as possible and radio is a magnificent way to do just that.


So even while others are consumed with politics I would like to ask you to cast your support behind Faith Music Radio? Hence, our theme this year — Casting.


We find in Luke 21:1,2 that both the rich and the poor (in this case a poor widow) gave. Giving is an act of love not dependent on the amount of our personal resources. 


529 times variations of the word cast are found in scripture: 


Cast thy burden on the Lord Ps 55:22

Cast thy bread upon the waters Eccl 11:1

…saw the rich man casting their gifts Luke 21:1

…poor widow casting in thither two mites Luke 21:2

Cast the net John 21:6

casting all your care upon him 1 Peter 5:7

Perfect love casteth out fear 1 John 4:18


At Faith Music Radio we strive to cast a wide gospel net. Recently a listener from Las Vegas went on a medical missionary trip to South Africa. He said I’m taking FMR with me and playing it over a smart speaker while people wait in the waiting room. We want the music of FMR to soften the hearts so we can give them the gospel.


I told this story saying “FMR is going to South Africa” on our facebook page and had a listener from South Africa respond by saying, “You’re already here, I listen everyday”. What a blessing.


Would you cast in a few mites or more to help us with our Fall Fundraiser this year?


Here is what we are trying to accomplish.


  1. Have churches take up an offering for Faith Music Radio.

  2. Get 3 more Underwriters.

  3. Get 9 more monthly supporters.


I don’t know if you can do any of these but if you could do, what you could do, we would be thankful.


As our country is wrapped up in politics and casting votes, let’s cast a vote for Jesus, for the Gospel and for Traditional Gospel Music.


You can give by clicking the donate button above, by sending a check to Faith Music Radio PO Box 2463, Evansville, IN 47714, or by calling 800-600-7230.


Tune in each day November 3-5 to keep up with our progress.


For His Glory,

Dan Wolfe

General Manager

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