Make Music Your Mission

We are asking for your support. Your pledge will have a dual impact. Your support will not only mean a lot to us at Faith Broadcasting but now your support of good, Christian Gospel Music has been taken to a truly “mission driven” level that will help spread our music throughout the world. Allow me to introduce our all new endeavor “Music for Missions.” Music is our Mission and has been for years…we now need your help to deliver Jesus’ life changing messages throughout the world through music!

See How You Can Help

Our music is truly life changing….it helps to build stronger Christian families, which in turn, makes stronger church members. Your pledge in support of the Fall Share-a-thon will not only go to support the radio station, but, will also be used to help and support missionaries and the military throughout the world. We have realized over the past year that many of our missionaries and their churches don’t have the ability to purchase good, Gospel music that is such a vital aspect of our churches and homes. Most missionaries have very little resources – much less music – much like our troops who are deployed overseas who are limited with their access to good, wholesome, life changing Christian music. Because of this, we want Faith Broadcasting to do our part in order to encourage missionaries and our military families all around the world with music for the heart and for the soul. We need your help with this dual support project!

Partnering with Faith Broadcasting in supporting missions is easy. Simply take a look below at the options available.

Pledge Levels - Year Long Support

AMOUNT $240/Year - $20/Month $600/Year - $50/Month $1200/Year - $100/Month
GIFT 1 CD Personally 1 CD Personally - 1 CD to Missions 2 CDs Personally - 2 CDs to Missions
EXTRA ---- ---- Monogramed Song Book

Make an Additional Gift - One Time Support

AMOUNT $50 One-Time $100 One-Time $200 One-Time
GIFT 2 CDs to Missions or Military 5 CDs to Missions or Military 10 CDs to Missions or Military
EXTRA ---- ---- Battery Operated CD Player with Batteries to Missions

Can We Count On You?

Can we count on you? Please consider the options and determine the one that fits the best for you. Contact Us Now.

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Call Us at: (812) 479-5342

Write Us at: Faith Broadcasting • P.O. Box 2463 • Evansville, IN 47728